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Urgent Care

Not feeling too great and need to speak to a doctor

Emergency Ambulance

For all your ambulance needs - air, ground, rail and long distance

Preventive Health

Get help understanding your reports and health status

Chronic Care

Our care coordinators help you manage your chronic health conditions

Our trusted family doctors are here to take care of all your pain points

A virtual clinic that goes beyond borders. It does not matter where you are - our care coordinators have got you covered!

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Our medical advisory board

  • Dr. Nidhi Shah
    MBBS, MD
    Obstetrician and Gynecologist

  • Dr. Ratnaraje Thar
    PhD., Msc, MPhil
    Food Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Dr. S Jayaram
    MBBS and MD
    Cardio Physician

  • Dr. Ajay Patwardhan
    Occupational Health Director

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CNH Clinic changes primary care as we know it. Our care team works together to treat the whole person. We see people when they’re sick, but also when they’re well, so that we can keep them healthy. Here, the environment is caring and patients have a voice. It’s our job to give them everything they need to live happier and healthier lives.


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