Good Health is Your Choice

No one would resort to medicine if there was a choice.The good news - good nutrition and lifestyle habits can improve your health and even reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

Everything starts with your choice to change. We do the rest.

We Tackle 6 Main Issues

Diabetes Control

Diabetes need not be a life long sentence if you can control it. Learn to make food your medicine. We care for all diabetes conditions including prediabetes, diabetes management, gestational diabetes, adolescence diabetes, diabetes foot care, nutrigenomics profiling and others.

Healthy Heart

Heart disease does not discriminate - it can strike at any age! Neither does it always have symptoms. We offer preventive screenings, cardio physician consultations, nutrition and lifestyle interventions and cardiac and stroke rehabilitations.foot care, nutrigenomics .

Obesity & Sleep

Weight gain and obesity increases your risk for diabetes and cardiac risk. Snoring and difficultly breath can be sign of a serious condition. Get to the bottom of the underlying cause with our keep well programs.

Thyroid Disorders

Feeling too tired, restless or not able to loose or gain weight? It could be indication that your thyroids are not working as it should. Our team of specialists can help with your unique symptoms and leading a normal day to day life.

Overcoming Addictions

How many times have we all tried giving up a habit and it comes back. Whether it's quitting to smoke or alcohol or binge eating, our cognitive behavioral coaches are here to help make your resolutions stick. normal day to day life.normal day normal day normal day

Daily Ailments

Are you constantly being bothered by issues like indigestion, bloatedness or headaches? We believe that understanding the underlying causes and choosing your plate wisely can help. Get help from our team of experts.

Features  Tools

Looking to make healthy changes in your life? Use our interactive health and wellness tools to help you get started and to track your progress.

Know The Signs

1 out of 3 people don't even know they are pre-diabetic!

Our Lifestyle Nutrition Team

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Dr. Jayaram

MBBS and MD,
Cardio Physician

Dr Jayaram is a renowned Cardio Physician with over 30 years of experience.


Dr. Ratna

PhD., MSc, MPhil Food
Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr. Ratna is one of the nutritionists you have to love. An academician of 30 years of experience.


Dr. Nidhi Shah

MBBS, MD Obstetrician
and Gynecologist

Dr. Nidhi is known for her warm demeanor and attentiveness. Lifestyle and Nutrition.