Silver Seniors

Whether it's ongoing care for a loved one with an illness or support after a hospital stay, Connect and Heal has a solution for you.

We offer specialized home care ranging from family physician, physiotherapist, nurses and caretakers at your doorstep to give you the care you deserve.

Personalized Care Plans

Better Living At Home

You can't be everywhere. Get the comfort of a nurse and family physician checking in on your loved ones.

Hospital To Home

Regaining strength after surgery or a serious medical episode is often times a challenge. Our care plans help get you back on your feet quickly and reducing the risk of injury and readmission. personalized

Heart Disease & Stroke Care

With proper treatment and care, people living with heart disease or recovering from stroke can maintain good quality of life for many years. Get care overseen by a specialist and personalized for your unique symptoms.

Joint Rehabilitation

Recovery from a joint surgery requires patience, consistent care and adherence to doctors orders. Tailored plans combining Physicians, Physiotherapist and nurse Höme visits to provide your the support you need to recover and reduce risk of injury. personalized personalizedperdsfsdfsdf

Diabetes & More

Looking for someone to help you monitor your diabetes and related conditions. Our diabetes management programs can be tailored to your needs from wound care, sugar control, medication review, foot care and regular screenings. personalized personalizedperdsafsdfsdf

Silver Screening

As you move into your 50's, regular preventive health checks becomes more important. At Connect and Heal, we develop a preventive plan and coordinate your screenings from the comfort of your own home from dental checks, sleep apnea checks, blood tests, weight assessments and others.

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Get your electronic health records to track the outcome of each visit or have it shared with your loved ones.

Supportive Tools

Medical Records

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Blood Sugar Monitor

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Medicine Reminders

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Meet Your Doctors

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Dr. Advik Eshan  

Nutrition Specialist

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Dr. Mahika Reyansh

Medical Expert

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Dr. Zara Mishti

Pregnancy Specialistt

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