Caring for every stage of women's life

Whether you are entering adulthood, planning a family, dealing with menopause or monitoring your health as you get older - our team of women experts are with you all the way.

Because every woman is different!

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Be a healthy woman!

We help you in your journey to embrace womanhood. Our keep well programs are specially designed to deal with issues like girl-child, anemia, eating disorders, hypothyroidism and others. girl-child, anemia, eating disorders, hypothyroidism eating disorders, hypothyroidism

Pregnancy and Lactation

Healthy babies start with healthy moms! At Connect and Heal, we focus on everything you need to get right during this crucial period from the right nutrition, lactation techniques and answering just about any questions you have! girl-child, anemia, eating disorders,

Infant and Child Growth

Early motherhood is a crucial period when mum recovers and your baby builds immunity. Our personalized programs deal with post natal care, weaning, weight mentoring and child development to make sure you and your child are on the right track!


PCOS affects 1 in every 5 women - facial hair, bad acne, overweight, issues getting pregnant are just some of the symptoms. Our keep well programs are designed to deal with your unique symptoms and leading a normal day to day life.leading a normal day to day life.

Silver Woman

As a women goes through menopause, her risk for diseases like heart, breast cancer, osteoporosis, autoimmune also increases. Our silver women programs promote graceful aging by helping you cope with the issues. leading a normal day to day life.kkjkjkjkjkj

Sex and Relationships

Are your fighting a lot? Have you drifted apart? Don't have sex anymore or it's too painful? Feeling Stressed? Depressed? Our psychologist and intimacy counselors are best placed to work through the issues with you. leading a normal day to day life.kkjkjkjkjkj

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Our Women & Child Team

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Dr. Rupal


Dr. Rupal founded the first 1000 day clinic to promote awareness on breastfeeding and child development


Dr. Ratna

PHD., MSc, MPhil Food Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr. Ratna is one of the nutritionists you have to love. An academician of 30 years of experience.


Dr. Nidhi Shah

MBBS, MD Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

Dr. Nidhi is known for her warm demeanor and attentiveness. Lifestyle and Nutrition.